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Find out more about joining the Grand Union Partnership

When exploring Trust membership you have to get a sense of what being part of any Trust you are considering is likely to mean for senior leaders, governors, staff, parents and children. You need to be clear about the services that you will be able to access and explore the extent to which these services will genuinely add value for your school and the community it serves.

In this section we have included reflections from a number of people who have made the decision to join us. We'd like to thank each of the following people who have been prepared to share their experiences in this section: 

Andrew Brodie- former Chair of Old Stratford Primary School, current Vice Chair of the Trust Board

Karen Sarbutts- Headteacher at Old Stratford

Matt O’Brien- Headteacher at Jubilee Wood

Rachel Burnside- Teacher at Old Stratford

Jez Wilsdon- Head of Development

Exploring Trust membership is very much a two-way process. This is not just about a school’s current Ofsted grade or financial position but the degree to which governors and leaders buy into the culture and ethos of the Trust. We value and seek to celebrate the individual identity of each school in the Trust. Whilst there are some commonly shared frameworks that we expect schools to adopt, schools in this community operate with significant levels of autonomy.

We want to partner with schools that appreciate our values and ethos and want to play an active role in contributing to the ongoing development of the Trust, as well as accessing the support, expertise and experience that we offer. We are also keen to explore opportunities to start new schools in the Milton Keynes area.

Please do get in touch if you want to find out more.