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Grand Union Partnership Values


Our ambition focuses on enabling every child in our schools to make great progress. It is this ambition that fires our enthusiasm, stimulates ideas and gives us the momentum to deliver continuous improvement across the Trust.  This also drives our engagement with teacher and wider staff training and development. We hold uncompromisingly high expectations for how our staff bring out the best in the children they teach and in each other.



Being a great learner and leading great learning involves the ability to step out of our comfort zone, take a risk, and recognise and embrace the need to be prepared to fail before we succeed. This encompasses a willingness to take the plunge, to speculate, to inquire, to imagine, to doubt and to explore. We believe that the ability to take risks, when done in a way that is consistent with our other values, better equips us to achieve our mission.  



Our reputation flows as much from how we work together and value each other as it does from the outcomes that we achieve. Working together with trust, transparency, honesty and respect enables us to create a safe space for leaders, staff teams and children to be audacious, try new things, learn from their mistakes and go again.  Operating with integrity is fundamental. By recognising the richness that it brings to the culture of each school, integrity ensures that we are inclusive and that we value and celebrate diversity.



The will to succeed - the courage to carry on in the face of challenges because the goal that we aspire to is so worthwhile - is also critical. Grit, determination and resilience enable us to keep going beyond initial efforts that may not have succeeded. As leaders and teachers model this and school curriculums work to promote it, children across the Trust will be able to demonstrate how they are developing this key trait.