Fishermead Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK6 2LB

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Our vision

To grow our community of primary schools across Milton Keynes and the surrounding area, working together to enable more children to access engaging, broad-based learning experiences that lay a strong foundation for their wellbeing and future success.

Our mission

Working together to deliver outstanding school leadership, inspiring teaching and support within a stimulating broad-based curriculum that empowers children across the Grand Union Partnership to make great progress.

Our ethos

The Grand Union Partnership exists to enable each school in the Trust to thrive.

Each of our schools is focused on creating a community and culture of learning that extends to much more than any simple checklist of activities. Every school community in the trust has to consider fundamental questions regarding the shape and purpose of the curriculum and the ways in which this is accessed and experienced by our children. We reflect on the welfare and development of each child, seeking to understand and address potential barriers to learning and promote progress.

At the Grand Union Partnership we recognise and celebrate the diversity of effective approaches to supporting the development and progress of our children. We are focused on reviewing, understanding and maximising the positive impact of the approaches used in each of our schools. The quality assurance frameworks, staff development and shared curriculum principles that we have developed support this. Together we make the difference.

As a Trust we don’t prescribe a range of specific curriculum schemes or impose a narrow set of strategies linked to teaching, learning and assessment. Headteachers and their teams, work in partnership with their peers across the Trust and engage in professional dialogue that enables both support and challenge, maintaining a sharp focus on ensuring that children always come first.