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Grand Union Partnership- what’s in a name?

Our Trust delivers primary education in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area, within easy reach of the Grand Union canal. We currently comprise three schools serving a diversity of contexts, but we’re committed to expanding our community and enabling more schools to access the benefits of working together. As part of this commitment we are working with a fourth school, establishing a memorandum of understanding with governors that clearly outlines the support that we’re providing. We hope that this support will develop and become another example of what can be achieved through partnership within the Grand Union MAT.

We are committed to staying local. The benefits of Trust membership are best realised when governors, leaders, staff and children have regular opportunities to work in partnership; operating in easy travelling distance of each other facilitates this. Proximity also provides very practical benefits when it comes to sharing teaching and business support resources and gaining the advantages of scale that partnership working delivers. We recognise that working together we make the difference.

We operate as a ‘grand union’- a team of schools learning from each other to deliver great outcomes for our children. We celebrate the identity of each of our schools and recognise that this brings diversity to the Trust. We share the ambition that children will always come first and each school buys into the ethos of the Trust, whilst recognising and valuing the spectrum of approaches that our schools take to make this a reality. School leaders across the Trust have co-created a number of central frameworks and shared principles, linked to curriculum design, teaching and learning and finance - providing clear and effective approaches for each school to monitor, review and improve performance.