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Find out more about joining the Grand Union Partnership


Welcome to our page for school leaders exploring the option of joining our Trust.

We know that for established schools, exploring joining a MAT can feel like a step into the unknown. There are no shortage of options available, and each MAT will have its own proposition worthy of consideration.

Whilst there may be some anxiety, we also hope there is some excitement. MAT’s give schools access to a broad range of value-adding shared services and support which would likely not otherwise be available, and the Grand Union Partnership is certainly no exception.

We believe we have three key areas which make the Grand Union Partnership unique as a MAT and worthy of your consideration. 


We are truly values-led with a focus on our children and partnerships in the community    

We embed our values of ambition, audacity, integrity and perseverance into everything we do. This has helped us ensure we have a consistency of approach with all our schools and that for every decision we make, we ask ourselves ‘does this improve the experience for our children?’ We also see community and partnership working, not as something as a nice to have, but as essential in how we operate.

We are a local, primary specialist Trust who are experts in what we do

The Grand Union Partnership doesn’t have schools across the country, we don’t have secondary schools which take up the majority of our time and resource. Put simply, we specialise in outstanding primary education within Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire. This allows us to understand the very specific local challenges and opportunities which are unique to our region and pour all our energies into developing the best primary school experience possible.

We believe in the individual character of our schools  

Our mission is to enable each school to become the best version of itself. We don’t have a set template that we believe should be applied to all those who join us. Our governance structures and our leadership teams have been designed to ensure that each school has a strong voice within the Trust and that collaboration enhances the uniqueness of each of our schools. The Grand Union Partnership currently comprises of four schools and we have no ambitions to grow exponentially meaning that you will always remain part of a smaller, more personal Trust.


Don't just take our word for it! Our colleagues below were kind enough to share their reflection on joining / working with the Trust. 

Andrew Brodie- Chair of the Trust and formerly Chair at Old Stratford 

Karen Morris- Headteacher at Old Stratford

Matt O’Brien- Headteacher at Jubilee Wood

Rachel Burnside- Teacher at Old Stratford

Jez Wilsdon- Head of Development


Whilst we are passionate in what we do and are excited to expand our family of schools, we know that the decision to join a MAT is one that needs careful consideration from lots of key stakeholders. We would therefore be more than happy to have an informal conversation with you on how joining a MAT could work, as well as the benefits of Grand Union Partnership specifically. 


Alternatively, if you are at the stage where you would just be happy to receive updates from Grand Union Partnership and our family of schools – please complete the form below:

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