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Financial Services

We're focused on providing our schools with great value for money. This is section provides an overview of the financial services that our schools access from the Trust. 


Financial acumen 

We see sound financial management as a key enabler for delivering our mission. Our Chief Financial Officer has a proven track record for working with Headteachers and School Business Managers to establish and manage school budgets effectively. Regular finance meetings for School Business Managers ensure that all of our schools remain compliant with the Academies Financial Handbook. End of year financial reporting is completed at Trust level.

In the past year each school in the Trust has delivered an operating surplus and  the financial health of each school in the Trust is good.  We have a strong focus on securing value for money across all our operations. The arrangements below provide some examples of the benefits of scale that can be accessed through Trust membership. 

Delivering economies of scale 

Schools in the Trust have committed to using a number of common central systems enabling them to benefit from the economies of scale that such decisions can deliver. Currently this principle applies to our choice of:

  • Central management information system 
  • Central finance system 
  • Internal and external audit (including a pension audit)
  • Legal advice and elements of Human Resource Management

All of these services are paid for by the Trust, coming out of the 5% contribution that each school pays. In addition the 5% contribution also covers the costs of Clerking, access to an externally sourced Policy Management and Compliance system, Governorhub and a suite of online governor training made available through the National Governors Association.